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August 18, 2010 / carmenklassen

Time and Space

This seems to be the summer of lessons, and most of them have to do with relating to others. I’m learning how to step back and allow a little breathing room into my friendships. I’m learning the importance of just being sometimes, instead of doing all the time. I am learning to wait on God and look for his direction.

One specific lesson I’ve learned recently is to let your emotions settle before sending an email or publishing a blog post. I think it’s ok (and sometimes necessary) to write while emotional, to get your thoughts and feelings out onto the page. However, once you’ve allowed a little time to pass, you may find that you no longer agree with what you’ve written, and you’ll be thankful that you didn’t send or publish it.

I’ve been guilty of doing just the opposite lately. I tried to rush in and fix something with my words, when I should have stepped back and held my tongue (or pen in this case). Now that I’ve gained a bit of perspective, I would like to issue a retractor for a few recent emails. (If only it were that simple!) Since I can’t take back my words, I can only move forward and take this lesson with me.

Next time? Just wait. Breathe. Feel. Write. But don’t send.

Sit with God and ask for clarity. For humility. For grace. Give him space to move instead of bulldozing ahead and trying to fix things through sheer determination. 

Be angry, be sad, be disappointed, be sorry, be whatever you need to be, for however long it takes. And when you can look back at the situation that ignited such an intense response, and not feel all those things, then write your letter, or publish your post, if you still feel you should.


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