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Hi, I’m Carmen.

Thanks for stopping by!

This blog is about me trying to figure out the best way to live my life, and sharing what I learn along the way. I write mostly about running, writing, and my faith. Maybe a bit about minimalism, too, because who isn’t writing about that these days?

I haven’t got life all figured out, and truth be told, I’m not always sure I’m headed in the right direction. You probably won’t find a lot of answers here. I’ll share the lessons learned as I go, and hopefully you will find encouragement, a challenge, or possibly even inspiration for your own exploration of life.

I promise not to write about what I had for supper, or bore you with mundane details of my everyday life. It’s my goal to share only what I think may be of use to you. Feel free to let me know if it is! (Or isn’t, for that matter.) 

I hope to see you again!

August 2010


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